Trevi Jewelry - exclusive representative of original Faberge factory. showcases Designer jewelry collection of unique and original Faberge factory established by the order of Tsar Nicolas II, when he passed a decree on the establishment of the Society for Development and Perfection of Lapidary and Polishing Handicraft Industry - "Russian Samotsveti".

That was a beginning of the oldest and the largest jewelry enterprise in Russia founded by a group of famous Russian jewelry businessmen and artists among of whom special place belonged to Karl Verfel, the owner of bronze and stone carving factory, which he established in 1842. Same year Faberge established his firm in Russia. These two companies closely collaborated in business and in 1914 Verfel's factory was acquired by Faberge.

Faberge style products and replicas of the originals made by Faberge over 100 years ago, are crafted using Faberge secret technique. We are the only factory in the world, which possesses and tightly guards an original Faberge secret of applying hot guilloche. Many big names in jewelry industry, including Tiffany and Cartier tried to replicate Faberge technique and failed. All of our Faberge style articles are hand made, and even the petite eggs we carry are made in limited quantities and come with a certificate. We proud to do our tribute to the talent and artistry of Peter Carl Faberge through our collection. All the pieces in our collection incorporate the original designs in style of Faberge and are crafted in the highest European traditions with quality materials and faultless workmanship.

Since 1895 Peter Karl Faberge was appointed as personal jeweler of the Tsar's Family and was a head of this very special establishment. The House of Faberge became the largest jewelry firm in Russia, employing more than 500 craftsmen and designers, four shops in Russia, one shop in London and a catalogue operation. He provided the taste and the direction, and employed some of the greatest goldsmiths and jewelers in the world. The business was divided in to several small workshops which created fabulous silverware, cigarette cases, Imperial Easter eggs, hard stone animals, along with many other "object d' art". Tsars, Empresses, Grand Dukes, Queens, Princes, as well as, other members of aristocratic society in Europe and Asia were among those coveting Faberge's work.

Peter Carl Faberge is perhaps the most famous for perfecting the technique of enameling. Faberge was noted for an extensive range of enamel colors, numbering up to 150 different shades. It was not unusual for women to have dresses made to match the enamel colors of their Faberge jewelry! Enamel guilloche is obtained by engraving a design on a metal surface using a special machine known as a "tour a guilloche" then applying enamel over the design in translucent colors.

After Russian revolution Faberge left Russia. But his designers, artists and craftsmen staid and continue to master Faberge school of art jewelry. These original galaxies of talents, who helped Faberge to rich his apogee of nobility kept his technological secrets and improved his techniques. Among those incredible talents who worked with Faberge was Nina Fogt who perfected the art and enhanced the technique of enameling, Birbaum who designed more then half of all Imperial eggs, Franz Kremlev and many others were proudly employed by Russian Samotsveti.

Our artists represent glorious heritage of legendary jewelry masters such as Faberge, Ovchinnikov, Grachev and Khlebnikov. The artisan creations in our collection stand out among others by high level of workmanship, originality, splendid design and discriminating selection of precious stones. The most amazing creations are silver and gold decorated with enamel and reviving legacy of disappearing Russian school of painting on enamel and becoming of interest to both private and museum collections. The artists are true virtuosos of ancient art of portraits and icons painting on enamel framed into extremely complicated combination of silver and gold filigree.

Trevi Jewelry offers new and unique service for its customers - You may commission our renowned artist to create museum quality replicas of Faberge eggs, boxes, frames, filigree sets of table ornaments, vases and jewelry in gold or sterling silver, decorated with diamonds or other precious stones.

Tatiana Faberge a granddaughter of Faberge visited "Russian Samotsveti" company and is always invited to participate in judges' decision in the most prestigious art jewelry competitions held by the company.

Management of the company, in close cooperation and total approval of Faberge Family installed a monument in honor and memory of Carl Peter Faberge in front of the building of "Russian Samotsveti"

Our designers are famous for their unique creations. Every piece in our collection is made with thought to make your selection memorable, enjoyable and lasting forever.

In 2012 Russian Samotsveti will celebrate a 100 years anniversary! Continuing tradition, we help our customers to celebrate those moments that capture the Era.