Faberge Boxes & Frames

Faberge Boxes and cases were produced for a wide variety of purposes. There were cigar boxes to be kept on the table, as well as cigarette cases to be carried in the pocket. Compacts and visiting-card faberge cases were also indispensable accessories. The most lavish boxes from faberge were made to be used as presentation pieces by the Tsar and either carry his miniature portrait or bear his cipher in diamonds on the cover. These imperial presentation boxes follow traditions of the eighteenth-century French and German snuffboxes that were given by the sovereign as an expression of appreciation. Faberge Boxes did not need a specific utilitarian purpose in order to justify their existence. Handling a flawlessly made box of gold or silver is a source of great pleasure, possibly because of the apparently perfect enclosure of space by means of an invisible hinge and a tightly closing cover.

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Faberge. Work master Michael Perchin, St. Petersburg. Gold Carner de Bal. 1890. Height 3.5" The cover of this notepad, which is in the fun of a book, is enameled translucent, opalescent pink over a sun-ray ground and mounted with a miniature of Alexandra Feodorovna within a diamond border. The edges of the carnet are enameled with green leafage. The accompanying gold pencil has a cabochon emerald finial.

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Silver and Enamel Box. Khlebnikov. Moscow. 1900. Length 6". Raised on bracket feet, this rectangular box is enameled with multicolored stylized foliage, flowers, and geometric forms. It has a green hard stone cabochon limb piece.

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Faberge. Work master Henrik Wigstrom, St. Petersburg. Yousupov Gold Music Box. 1907. Length 3.8" . This box of sepia enamel has a gold frame, bordered in opaque enamel, with leaves and white flowers in relief The thumb piece is of gold, silver, and tiny diamonds and contains the number XXV in diamonds for the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of Prince Felix Yousupov and his wife, Zinaida, whose initials appear on the front corners. The box was given to them by their sons Nikolai and Felix whose initials appear on the back two corners. The box bears images, in sepia enamel over a guilloche ground, of six of the Youssoupov residences: (top) Archangelskoe, outside Moscow; (Front) Palace on the Moika; (Bottom) Palace of Koreiz in the Crimea; (Back) Youssoupov Palace at Tsarskoe Selo; (Left end) Palace of Rakitnoe in the government of Kursk; (Right end) Residence originally used as a hunting lodge by Ivan the Terrible.

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Faberge. Work master Michael Perchin, St. Petersburg. Carved Nephrite Bonbon jet-e. 1890. Diameter 2.7" This Chinese influenced bonbonniere is carved with neo-rococo scrolls. It has a ruby thumb piece and a gold mount set with diamonds

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Faberge, Work master August Hollming, St. Petersburg. Gold and Enamel Imperial Presentation Box. 1900. Diameter 3.8" This round box is enameled translucent pale blue over a guilloche ground. The hinged cover has an oval reserve, which is enameled translucent ivory over a sun-ray ground and applied with the imperial cipher of Nicholas II in diamonds. The cover is also applied with diamond-set crossed branches of oak and laurel.

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Faberge. Work master Michael Perchin, St. Petersburg. Gold, Enameled, and Jeweled Imperial Presentation Box 1900. Width 3.9" This box is enameled translucent yellow over a Guilloche ground and is applied on the cover with four imperial eagles enameled black and set with diamonds. The center lozenge is enameled translucent oyster over a sun-ray ground and is set with the cipher of Nicholas II in diamonds within a diamond-set oval.

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Faberge. Work master Michael Perchin, St. Petersburg. Gold and Enamel Imperial Presentation Box. 1890. Width 3.41" Mounted with a miniature of Nicholas II within a diamond border, this presentation box is studded with diamonds, enameled translucent ivory over a sunburst field, and applied with swags of two-color gold foliage. The corners are enameled translucent strawberry red. Each side is mounted with an imperial crown.

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Ovchinnikov. Moscow. Silver-gilt and Enamel Photograph Album. 1879. Length 24.5" . Lavishly enameled with foliate motifs, this album is decorated with the Dolgoruky coat of arms and was a presentation to Prince Vladimir Andreyevich Dolgoruky (1810-1891) who became Governor-General of Moscow in 1865. It is inscribed in Cyrillic, "1865. To the Governor-General of Moscow, Prince Vladimir Andreyevich Dolgoruky from those working in the department of which he is in charge." The State Historical Museum, Moscow.

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Marshak. Kiev. Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Table Cigarette Box.. 1910. Length 4.11" The cover has an en plain enamel scene of Tsarevich Ivan and the Gray Wolf after the painting by Victor Vasnetzov. The surround of the cover and the sides of the box are enameled in muted tones in the Old Russian style. This Russian fairy tale concerns the young Tsarevich. Ivan who carries his life-to-be, Princess Elena, on a gray wolf whom he has befriended. The subject was painted by Vasnetzov in 1889.

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Faberge. Work master Feodor Afanassiev , St. Petersburg. Silver-gilt and Translucent Enamel Box. 1900. Length 5.5" Raised on four paw feet, with a hinged cover, this casket is Entirely enameled in translucent pale purple over a guilloche ground. The sides are applied with ribbon-tied swags of laurel which bend from ribbon bows. The cover is applied with a laurel wreath, and the border is chased with acanthus leaves.

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Ovehinnikov. Moscow. Silver-gilt and Charnpleve Enamel Casket. 1877. Length 7.9' The hinged cover of this box is decorated with a deck of finely enameled playing cards. Each side of the casket is enameled in the Old Russian style with an architectural design incorporating roosters.

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Khlehnikov. Moscow. Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Rectangular Casket.. 1910. Length 5.9' The casket has a carrying handle at each end and is enameled all over with flowering foliage on grounds of sea green and blue.

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Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Casket. Vasiliy Agafonov. Moscow. 1900. Length 8.9' This box is enameled all over with colorful flowers and scrolling foliage on grounds of pink, olive green, avocado, and sky blue. It is raised on four petal-form feet enameled with flowers. The interior of the cover is inscribed with the date 10 November 1912 in Cyrillic.

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Ovehinnikov. Moscow. Silver, Enamel, and Jeweled Box 1894. 2.14 X 14.7 X 9' Decorated in the Old Russian style, this box was a presentation to Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich and Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna from the city of Moscow on 25 July 1894, as indicated by the inscription. Their ciphers are applied to the cover of the box and are set in diamonds below an imperial crown. The front of the cover is enameled with a depiction of St. George slaying the dragon (the coat of arms of the city of Moscow). The State Historical Museum, Moscow.

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Faberge. Work master Feodor Ruckert, Moscow. Large Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Box. 1910. Length 8.5". The rectangular casket is raised on four bracket feet and has a carrying handle at each end. The hinged cover has two oval reserves enameled en plain, one with Alexander I, the other with Napoleon Bonaparte, each surmounted by their respective imperial monograms. Between the reserves, the casket is enameled with the Russian imperial eagle above an eagle with spread wings. The sides are enameled in the Old Russian style in muted tones of blue, brown, green, orange, and white.

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Khlebnikov. Moscow. Large Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Table Cigar Box. 1910. Length 8.5". This impressive casket is enameled on the cover with a large en plain scene after Repin's The Zaporozh Cossacks Write a Mocking Letter to the Sultan. The sides are enameled with stylized representations of an ancient Kremlin and are set on each side with two chrysoprase cabochons. Each end has a hinged carrying handle.

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Faberge. Gold and Mother-of-Pearl Cigarette Case. Work master Michael Pershin, St. Petersburg. 1890. Length 3.l1". The mother-of-pearl case is overlaid with neo-rococo gold scrolls and diaper. Gold and Mother-of-Pearl Cigarette Holder. Work master Alexander Wakeva, St. Petersburg. 1900. Length 2.5" The holder is entwined with a gold snake, the head of which is set with a ruby. The State Historical Museum, Moscow.

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Faberge. Tortoise Shell Cigarette Case. 1899-1908. Height 3.16". Carved of highly polished tortoise shell, this cigarette case is overlaid with a gold and diamond-set flowering vine.

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Silver-gilt and Enamel Presentation Jewel Box. Ovehinnikov. Moscow. 1893. Length 12.1" This casket is enameled all over with multicolored scrolling foliage and with geometric borders. The cover has a shield which is enameled with the coat of arms of Ryazan. The sides are applied with shields enameled with the coats of arms of the various towns of the governorship of Ryazan, including Zaraisk, Pronsk, Sapojok, and Skopin. This impressive presentation box was apparently a gift from the governorship of Ryazan, possibly a presentation to Czar Nicholas II upon his accession in 1894.

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