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Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Two-handled Sugar Bowl. Sixth Artel. Moscow. 1910. Length across handles 7%". The upper border of this bowl is comprised of eight ovals which are enameled with multicolored stylized foliage. The central oval on each side is enameled with a swan floating on a pond. Each handle is in the form of a colorful siren.

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Silver-gilt and Plaque Enamel Beaker. Ovehinnikov. Moscow. 1900. Height 5" This piece is enameled in the plaque-a-jour technique with panels of birds and foliage and with a figure. The circular foot is engraved underneath with the Cyrillic signature, "P. Ovchinnikov & Son."

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Maria Semyonova. Moscow. Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Two-handled Vase. 1900. Height 8" (20.4 cm). Lobed and colorfully enameled with sprays off lowering foliage, this superb example of Maria Semyonova's work has two harp-shaped handles and a spreading foot. Copyright 1989, Sotheby's, Inc., New York.

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Ovchinnikov. Moscow. Pair of Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Vases. Height 141.8" The lobed cylindrical bodies of these monumental vases are enameled with colorful flowering foliage on a blue ground. Each vase is enameled on one side with a warrior battling a dragon and on the other side with an archer. The lobes around the base of each vase are enameled with swans alternating with bears. The flared rims and angular handles are set with hard stone cabochons. These superb vases represent the height of the enameller’s art.

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Feodor Ruckert. Moscow. Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Standing Cup and Cover. 1900. Height 13.l1" The foot, bowl, and cover are lobed and enameled with colorful flowers on grounds of brick red, pink, pale green, sea green, sky blue, deep blue, and purple. The shaft has a square kovsh; and the finial is in the form of the Russian imperial eagle.

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Ovchinnikov. Moscow. Pair of Silver-gilt and Shaded Enamel Covered Vases. 1900. Height 20". The lobed bodies have six panels alternately enameled with imperial eagles and with flowering foliage. The bodies also have six lobes enameled with swans floating on ponds against Chinese-red grounds. The borders are mounted with colored hard stone cabochons.

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Grachev Brothers. St. Petersburg. Pair of Silver-gilt, Plaque-a-f our; and Cloisonné Enamel Vases 1890. Height 12.7". The bulbous bodies, each on a dome foot, have plaque-a-jour enameled, tulip-shaped necks and plaque-a-jour enameled handles. The bodies are decorated with reserves of stylized flowers on cream-colored grounds, and the surrounds are enameled with flowers on deep blue grounds.

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Silver-gilt and Enamel Vase. Grachev Brothers. St. Petersburg, 1890. Height of vase 8 7/8". Enameled with bunches of flowers and with scrolling foliage on gilded stippled base. This vase, like its stand, has a border of blue and white beads. Pair of Silver-gilt and shaded Enamel vases. Ovchinnikov. Moscow, 1900. Height 6 1/4". These vases of slightly bulbous, tapered, cylindrical shape have angular handles and wavy rims. They are enameled with colorful stylized flowering plants, and the lower section is enameled brown, simulating earth.

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Verkhovtsev. St. Petersburg. Silver Chalice. 1853. Height 113/4" (30cm). The bowl has four medallions bordered with pearls depicting the Deesis and Crucifixion. The bowl and base are overlaid with vines and grasses set with pastes simulating jewels. The State Historical Museum, Moscow.

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